Medicare Advantage Plans Complaints

seniors have problems with Aetna Medicare Advantage plans. More are beginning to complain about long wait times and problems with the payment plan that was part of their original Medicare Part D prescription plan.

And there is a reason these complaints are happening, according to Seniors for a Medicare Plan: “The real problem is that Aetna has been paying small amounts to doctors and hospitals to make up for the money Aetna is not paying them.” Yes, that’s correct, Aetna is paying very little to those who have Part D insurance plans, but then taking even less to reimburse the health care providers.

Aetna Medicare Advantage plans have no choice but to meet or exceed Part D standards. The company also has to pay a percentage of claims in order to stay in business, so it can be expected that the claims will get paid, but not at the lowest rate.

Another complaint that continues to arise from seniors using Aetna Medicare Advantage plans is the changing payment plan. They say that they’re constantly being asked to switch to a monthly premium. This is what keeps the long wait times for appointments.

One reason why seniors aren’t happy with their Aetna Medicare Advantage plans is because of the high deductibles. As a result, many aren’t covered when they actually need coverage. They say that this seems to be how the company does business.

According to seniors, another complaint is the length of time before they can actually change plans. Because of this, many seniors feel as if they’re stuck with the same plan, which is expensive. They would prefer to be able to choose a different plan each year and seeif the one they have lasted longer than the one they want to switch to.

But rather than making changes that are realistic for their situation, they just end up with a higher deductible. They’d like to stay with their current plan for a year, but can’t do that because of the deductible. So they decide to switch again, but they also have to pay a higher premium for the privilege.

At one point, it was common for Aetna Medicare Advantage plans to have some added features. For example, if you buy into a preferred provider network, you could get better benefits and lower rates.

But this isn’t possible anymore because companies are worried about losing their brand name recognition, so they are not offering any such extras. According to seniors, the decision to reduce coverage was made based on fees and not any new changes to policy plans.

Some seniors are asking the company to add more features, like free checkups, without increasing their monthly premium. Others want a co-payment for doctor visits, in the form of either a flat fee or a percentage of the service, not to exceed 10% of the total cost.

Some seniors have been told that they could switch to another company, but if they’d like to keep Aetna Medicare Advantage plans, they should stick with them. They have a better chance of getting a lower monthly premium if they continue to stay with the same plan.

It’s been said that Aetna Medicare Advantage plans are “just a get out of jail card” for Aetna. But with so many complaints coming in, Aetna needs to address these issues immediately.